mod 4 response entries

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Response entry 1:

Prejudice: to be biased (my definition) An unfavourable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.

Racism: to have prejudice towards a certain race (my definition) Hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Stereotyping: To have fixed ideas about a type or group of people (my definition) A set of inaccurate, simplistic generalizations about a group that allows others to categorize them and treat them accordingly.


Response Entry 2:


Based on the introduction and on what is usually the topic when it comes to investigation, I think the crime that will take place is murder.


Response Entry 3:


Different weather and temperatures can affect many people’s attitude and temper. For example, when I get really hot, I become less patient and, if in a bad situation, I could lose my temper.


Unit 7: Lesson 5 IMA

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Writing prompt 5 is the best

The poem that I actually appreciated the most from unit 7 was “New Born”(writing prompt 5). In each of the other assignments, I was asked to write a poem based on a specific figurative device. The best poem that expresses its figurative device the most is “New Born.” This poem especially, conveys the images that it is trying to convey, images of a new born or a baby. It has many comparisons that are very uncommon and unique “like a star at its nebula state.” What I like about this poem is that it communicates the message, but, in short form (The poem is only five lines).

To view the poem, click here

Module 2 – Response Entry 16

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  1. The narrator child, the two cousins, an old man, and a woman.
  2. The speaker is probably a child who has strong imaginations.
  3. Narrator and 2 cousins: playful, adventuress, and imaginative “with my two dead cousins,” “though we giggle, we are afraid.” Old man: Tall / Women: unknown traits.
  4. Time: Night Place: Tall grasses close to the house
  5. Imaginative conflicts.
  6. scary, imaginative
  7. “its apples like soft cork”(simile), “the membrane grown already across their throats”(metaphor), OR “we hear crickets and our hearts close to our ears”(metaphor).

Module 2 – Response Entry 11

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  1. The poem talks mainly about being deaf, and how it feels to be deaf with the example of Jamie.
  2. Because deafness has taken over many people and many people wonder how it feels to be deaf.
  3. “Kicking a stick, rapping his knuckles on doors.”(alliteration) “He felt a spell of silence”(alliteration) “He was solitary and loquacious as a stone”(simile) “And silence grew over him like moss on an old stump”(simile).
  4. At first he was stunned by the sudden affliction of deafness and was disappointed to be missing so many things in life (songs, voices, noise, laughter, screams etc.). Later on he began feeling suspicious and self conscious, thinking that people were talking about his faults. After that, he felt lonely and hungry for company.
  5. I think I would also feel stunned at the fact that I am missing and the sounds around me, but may feel really angry.

Unit 8: Lesson 8 IMA

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Summer 2011, by mohtadi alkhaliq

When the sun rises on a clear day,

a day like all the other summer days,

I’d be sleeping dreaming of playing in an inflatable pool.

Comfortable not wanting to move,

I am disturbed by a little touch.

Waiting for me, sitting on the table,

is an egg, smelling so fine.

As I get seated, I remember that I’m late for school,

Regretful, I rush to my room and pack up my bag,

forgetting to put on my cloths.

Confused, i realize that my sister is still home.

Then i ask, sister, why are you here?

informing me she says, “remember, its a summer day.”

Unit 8: Lesson 6 IMA

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When I became the star of my grade 3 class,

I was glimmering as a star in a pitch black galaxy,

as the centre of attention,



I shared my life with my admirers and the world revolved around me,

Was I the sun? I wondered.

I shared pictures, stories, favourite objects.

As I looked at the shining, excited eyes of my friends,

I wanted to give them more, food for the body as much as for the soul,

My specialty vietnamese salad made with love rays.

At the end of the week, my light began to dim,


and I worried that I’d be a black a hole.

However, the next week started with a new star, and I became the moon, reflecting the light of my friend.



The snapshot I chose to write my poem

The snapshot I chose to write my poem








Module 2 – Response Entry 15

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  1. Sonny and the narrator who is the sleeper.
  2. He used to be a sissy who was never wanted in any team, but had Sonny Hugg who had faith in him.
  3. Narrator: Weak/unreliable   Sonny Hugg: accommodating, helpful  (Narrator: “When i was a sissy of the block who nobody wanted on their team.” Sonny: “Sonny Hugg persisted in believing that my small size was an asset.”)
  4. The football field, High school years.
  5. Nobody wanted him (human vs human)(narrator vs the other players), Narrator (interior conflict)(cannot play his role, to catch the ball), Conflict between him and Sonny, who became popular and forgot about the narrator.
  6. Nostalgic (proof: Last Stanza)

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