1. The poem talks mainly about being deaf, and how it feels to be deaf with the example of Jamie.
  2. Because deafness has taken over many people and many people wonder how it feels to be deaf.
  3. “Kicking a stick, rapping his knuckles on doors.”(alliteration) “He felt a spell of silence”(alliteration) “He was solitary and loquacious as a stone”(simile) “And silence grew over him like moss on an old stump”(simile).
  4. At first he was stunned by the sudden affliction of deafness and was disappointed to be missing so many things in life (songs, voices, noise, laughter, screams etc.). Later on he began feeling suspicious and self conscious, thinking that people were talking about his faults. After that, he felt lonely and hungry for company.
  5. I think I would also feel stunned at the fact that I am missing and the sounds around me, but may feel really angry.