1. Lyric poetry expresses personal and emotional feelings.
  2. ninety-second popular songs and fifteen-second television commercials.
  3. Internal forms of repetition.
  4. By the repetition (beats in a song), use of striking images and  subjects that concern us, and by using refrains, catch phrases, and other verbal devices. Sometimes, in very quick sequences, a series of “poetic” fragments that try to associate the particular product with a feeling or goal that is highly valued (love, health etc), are used to aid memory.
  5.  If people wanted the poems to be remembered without mass-printing, they had to use oral transmission to pass on the poems to their children (descendants), and to do so they had to make sure their descendants memorized the poems. At that time, they used Mnemonic verbal devices, and repeat performances to achieve that goal. To make them easier to memorize, they sung the poems and chanted them with musical accompaniment. Also, they used incremental repetition to help the memorization (lines that change only slightly in each appearance).
  6. Describes a feeling, observation, memory, or a moment one has or has had and cares about.
  7. Feelings also became primary.