1. The aspect of feeling unsatisfied. The plowman’s concern is so extreme that he can never prevent himself from looking back at his work every time he is close to the end of the plow line. “Look Backward, ever with discontent,” “Unappeased i leave the field, Expectant return.”
  2. I think the main mood of this poem is that it is disappointing because of all the hard work done, and i the end, the plowman is not appeased from his work (It is especially disappointing because this happens over and over again).
  3. “A stone, a root, a strayed thought, has wraped the line of that furrow.
  4. The plowman is just trying to say that he does have hope that on day he will be content and will appreciate the work that he has done. And that if his work would be bad, he would not look back.