Elements lab Report


To classify elements based on their properties.


None needed for this investigation.


Five different elements that you can observe online or in person.

(You may check your periodic table for ideas).


Step 1.

Elements Symbol Colour State Metal, nonmetal or metalloid Conductivity Magnetic
Carbon C Black Solid Non-metal No No
Mercury Hg Silvery white Liquid at room temp. Metal Yes No
Neodymium Nd Silver grey Solid Metal Yes Yes
Silicon Si Reflective with bluish-tinged face Solid Metalloid No No
Helium He Colorless Gas Non-metal Yes No
Bromine Br Reddish Brown Liquid at room temp. Non-metal No No


1.   Metals: Hg, Nd/Non-metal: He, Br, C/Metalloid: Si

2.   Hg, Nd, and He

3.   a) Solids at room temp – Exception: Mercury

b) Silver grey – Exception: Gold, Copper

c) Shiny – Metallic luster

4.  a) Found in all states (solid, liquid, gas)

b) Different colors

c) Without metallic luster


In this experiment, I learnt that helium is actually a great conductor, and that is actually not a conductor at all (I thought it was a semiconductor). I also learnt the different colors, states, symbols, and magnetism of each element. In the future I would like to perform the same experiment but on a larger scale and with more or all the elements.