• It gives me a feeling that a poem is very complex to the level that it can be described with human or living characteristics
  • It gives the image that a bird can fly and that it can have the freedom that we cannot have. But on the other hand the bird also has its weaknesses. Although poems are mentioned at the end of this poem, it gives an image that poems in general, can be controlled by us, but also have their freedom.
  • “They cannot fly through your fingers”…..”only words can fly for you like birds.” I really like these lines because they contradict each other in the same poem. I think the contradiction in this poem shows that poems cannot be kept in, and have to be recited out loud.
  • I think the setting is outside on a sunny day. “Only words can fly for you like birds, ON THE WALL OF THE SUN.”
  • The speaker is an adviser speaking to people who do not know the degree of poems (birds).
  • The theme of this poem is freedom.
  • “A bird is a poem, that talks of the end of cages.” This line elaborates on the freedom of poems from the character’s of a bird.